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The Eco Friendly Characteristics of Metal Roofing for Residential Properties

The main reason homeowners decide to have metal roofing installed is because of the remarkably long lifespan of this material. They’ll probably never have to schedule new roof installation ever again, no matter how long they reside in this house. Another advantage appeals to people who want environmentally friendly home improvements; that characterizes a metal roof.

Longevity and Recycling Aspects

The sheer longevity is one reason these roofs are so eco-friendly. When a product is built to last for many decades, it can be considered sustainable. Another reason is the recycled aluminum content of these roofing systems.

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Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without ever losing any of its intrinsic qualities, which is why this metal is always in demand by recycling companies and manufacturers that use aluminum. In addition, if the roof ever does need to be replaced because of hail damage or a tree falling on it, the material can be recycled. Property owners who are interested in this option may learn about Erie Metal Roofs at the website.

Problems With Asphalt Shingles

In contrast, roofs made of asphalt shingles can only be expected to last about 20 to 25 years, depending on the circumstances. Eventually, the shingles start to dry out and may come loose. The edges may curl up and the shingles may split. Some of them blow off during strong winds. The material is made from crude oil typically combined with fiberglass or paper, along with gravel. Asphalt shingles thus maintain the continued reliance on fossil fuels.

Lighter Weight

When roof replacement with asphalt shingles is done, typically the old shingles must be removed. That is definitely the case if there is more than one layer of shingles, with the second having been installed as a reroofing project rather than full replacement. Although technically these materials can be recycled, a large percentage still winds up in landfills as of 2019. Toxins from the chemicals can eventually leach out and leak into the soil and groundwater.

Because metal roof material is so light, it often can be applied directly on top of the shingles. A contractor like the one shown at erie metal roofs evaluates the structure to determine whether it can hold the extra weight with no problems.

Aesthetic Appeal

Along with the eco-friendly characteristics, metal roof systems as they are manufactured today are lovely home improvement features. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. Reading more about these products can be done at

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